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The History of Freighter and Their Quality Australian Made Truck Trailers.

The origins of Freighter all started with an Aussie man named John McGrath who was born in Melbourne, just as the 19th century was turning into the 20th. The year 2021 marked 75 years since the very first Freighter product rolled its way on to the Australian market.

In the early days, Freighter not wanting to limit themselves produced boats, buses, forklifts, caravans and even its very own 4WD. It is believed in the 1970’s nine out of ten truck trailers were to be Freighter’s.

It is to be said the now famous Freighters Ltd company was named after a champion racehorse of the time.

Due to post war, new roads and regulations saw John sell the company to a man named Noel Peel. Noel Peel had more structure and a remarkable operations team which in essence allowed him to indeed make the company shine and be what we know now. 

Freighter was so well known and trusted in the truck trailer industry that the name was retained and became a key element to the MaxiTRANS company in the 2000s.

Freighter is committed to providing their customers with safety, better payload, lower tare and great durability

Freighters rang includes Skeletal, Semi-Trailers, Tautliner-Trailers and Freighter Dolly. The customisable nature of the Freighter range ensures their options are practically endless, allowing you to design a solution specific to your transport task

 G & A Lombardi is proud to be able to say they are a distributor of Freighter trailers. To purchase one of these amazing Australian designed and manufactured trailers or to simply find out more information please contact the sale guys on (08) 6310 2222 or visit

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