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Foton Mobility iBlue Electric Truck comes to W.A

With more and more of the transportation and distribution industry becoming actively conscious about the impact they are having on carbon emissions, the need for the development of ECO friendly and zero emission vehicles have risen.

Foton Mobility is an Australian owned distributor of new energy heavy vehicles. Foton Mobility has sourced some of the world’s leading technology in transport zero emissions, putting themselves as one of the top companies in Australia distributing zero-emission transportation vehicles.

The renowned Foton Mobility company specialises in a range of zero emission vehicles such as the Hydrogen City bus (with their first being commissioned in 2021) and the outstanding iBLUE Electric truck which are superior to most light duty trucks on the road today. 


The iBLUE trucks have set the benchmark in the light duty
truck market. These trucks are light weight (4.5T/6T dual GVM) but pack the power needed to compete with the equivalent in diesel energy.

The All new iBlue Electric Truck is energy efficient built
for intra-city and urban servicing. These trucks boast a cleaner transport solution, advanced EV technology, high performance, comfortable drive, and the ability to be driven on a regular car licence.

In addition to all the outstanding features this truck also
comes with a 5 year 200,000km warranty.

To electrify your fleet today or to learn more about the iBlue
Electric Truck contact G&A Lombardi who is an official dealer of Foton
Mobility iBlue electric trucks in Western Australia!

Contact information

Paul McGovern: 0418 927 460 or (08) 6310 2222

or visit for full description on the iblue electric truck.

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